Insecurities and Eppihanies

So, as many of you know, Time of Ruin the second installment in the Ash and Ruin Trilogy, releases in exactly one week.

I can’t express the level of anxiety I have about this. Trilogies are incredibly difficult to write, I’ve come to learn. With an open-ended series you have a while to develop your character arcs and have so many plot bunnies to chase down, the pressure is kind of spread out. But with a trilogy you’ve got three books. Three acts. Beginning, middle, and end. And you gotta get your shit done. And each book needs to have a whole, satisfactory story contained within it’s covers while carrying on the major plot arcing through all three books.

I thought the hardest book was the second one, the one coming out in a week. But truth be told, the first book was just as hard. This  is a fucking hard story to write. Harder than I anticipated. I realized this wasn’t a story I could have told before now because I needed to be a stronger writer to do it justice. And I hope I am doing it justice. And with that, I knew that the middle book of a trilogy often suffers as the least interesting book, often it’s just a bridge from book one and two and people say, “Shoulda just made it a duology.” I didn’t want that. I wanted book two to be strong and whole and its own. I wanted readers to hit the last page with an Ooof and make grabby hands for book three.

Oh but book three. Book three looms over my head like an angry little gray cloud. Book three clings to my neck like a dead albatross. Book three is my undoing. No, I haven’t even put one word to page for book three yet, but I finished book two a few months ago, got wonderful feedback and reactions from my team of betas, my editor loved it, so the pressure of book three just grew and grew. I have expectations to live up to. And I am terrified. I’ve stepped away from Ash and Ruin  for a minute and thrown myself into the world of Matilda Kavanagh, my series about a spunky witch living in a supernatural neighborhood of West Hollywood. It’s my escape, my world of magic and fun and adventure. It let’s me write for fun and put my characters in crazy situations and let’s them fight their way out of it and go home at night for a nice spiked cup of hot chocolate and a smush-faced cat. It is not a world of death and desolation where each page takes a piece of my soul.

I don’t talk about my fear of book three very much. Occasionally I’ll ask my husband (my alpha reader for A&R), “Hey, what do you think of this? or “Well, what if this happened?” Vague questions that he’d dutifully respond to with his impressions or thoughts and I would just nod and go about my day. I wouldn’t make a note of anything because it was just a passing thought. But inside I would be having a total melt down about the book. I had no idea how to end this story. I have no idea how it’s going to do. I don’ t know who’s going to die and who’s going to live and how they accomplish either task. Whenever I set out to write a story, even if I don’t know how many books it’s going to be, I have a sense of the ending, maybe even know exactly how it’s going to end. How the hero wins or loses. But not with A&R. I am lost, utterly and completely.

And then Saturday I was standing in my kitchen, making sandwiches for lunch. It was sunny and windy outside. I was barefoot and the kitchen floor was freshly swept. My husband was somewhere else in the house and the dogs were quiet. And like so many other quiet moments, my mind wandered to Kat and Blue and Dylan. I could see them at the end of book two and out of no where, among the cold cuts and vegetables, I knew. I just knew. It slammed into me like lightning and I couldn’t move until I followed the thought to the last page. I knew what is going to happen, how it’s going to happen and who lives and who dies to make it happen.

My husband walked in and jumped up onto the counter and I turned to him and said. “What if…” and I almost couldn’t keep up with the words. Before my husband could say anything my whole body broke out into chills, goosebumps covered my skin, and I teared up. Blinking back the tears, I started laughing and said, “Oh my god, I figured it out. I know what happens.”

And you better believe I wrote it down. I don’t know every detail, every twist and turn, but I know the core plot and suddenly, I’m not so afraid to write this book. I just had to wait until I was ready.


(This post was brought to you by all the puppy gifs ever in honor of Blue and the muse that inspired him, Brody, who is ten times this size now.)



New Release Live and in the Wild!

I’m very excited to announce that my new release, Wytchcraft, is live on all channels!

I hope you guys like this new character of mine, a spunky witch just trying to get by in the supernatural neighborhood of Havencrest in West Hollywood. If you were a fan of my Elemental Series, then I think you’ll enjoy this new series. I plan to release the second book, Samhain, in late September – a creepy story just in time for All Hallow’s Eve! And if things go well, you’ll be seeing the third release just after Thanksgiving!

wytchcraft 1


Matilda Kavanagh – Witch For Hire. No spell, charm, or potion too difficult.

Supernaturals are out of the closet, living alongside humans in a tenuous relationship. Most are just trying to live life like nothing’s changed, others would use magic for their own gain.

When Mattie creates a charm to help a half-troll catch a fairy, she sets herself up for the worst possible thing: she is now in debt to the fairy court. If she can’t find the fae prince and bring him home alive, it’ll be her head on the chopping block.

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Super Secret Project Revealed!

I’ve finally announced on my FB page that I’m coming out with a new series this year. My hope is to get the first book to you guys this month (maybe even as soon as a week from now! SQUEEEE!) and the second to you by the end of September!

This is an Urban Fantasy series about a spunky witch named Matilda Kavanagh who is just trying to keep her rent paid and her butt out of trouble, not to mention avoid sharing a can of tuna with her smush-faced cat, Artemis. In this world the supernaturals are out of the closet and living among humans in a tenuous relationship. I think fans of my Elemental Series will feel right at home in this new world set in West Hollywood!

So I thought you guys might like to see the cover for the first book. I’m kind of excited about it because it is totally different that the type of cover I usually go for. I hope you guys like it and the following covers.

The first book in the Matilda Kavanagh series is: Wytchcraft!

wytchcraft 1


Stay tuned for more updates in the VERY near future!

Title Announcement

I’ve been keeping this under wraps for a couple of months now and it’s been killing me!!! So I am very excited to share this with all of you. I can finally announce the title of my upcoming release, the sequel to World of Ash, which is:


Book Two in the Ash and Ruin Trilogy

Time of Ruin will be released July 22nd 2014, yes, that soon! And I will be doing a cover reveal on May 13th with YA Bound. If you’re interested in signing up to participate in that or the book blitz when the book releases, keep your eyes on this space and I will provide sign up information!

I’m so excited for this release and I can’t wait for you guys to join me on the continuation of Kat, Dylan, and Blue’s journey through Time of Ruin!

If you’re on Goodreads, you can add Time of Ruin to your TBR list now buy clicking here!


WOA (1)

My Writing Process

Happy Monday everyone!

I’ve been tagged in the writing process blog hop by my friend, S.K. Falls. You can check out her gif-awesome post here!

I went a little more wordy for mine. So sorry. Tl;dr version: I like to write sprint.

Full version:

Many of you know I churn out a pretty high word count average per day. When I sit down to write I average 2,000-5,000 words. I don’t like to say pages because a page of narrative compared to a page of dialogue is so different that some days you’ll get 4-8 pages and others 10-15 depending on how much dialogue you wrote.

So, how do I do it? Since I started writing the Elemental Series I stopped treating writing like a hobby. That is the biggest question you need to ask yourself: Is writing a hobby for you? If it isn’t, if you plan to someday quit that day job and become a fulltime writer then you need to treat your writing like a job. I wrote the first three rough drafts of the first three books in the Elemental Series while working a full time job. I did not, by any stretch of the imagination, get 2-5k words a day during that time, but I forced myself to get 1k words, five days a week.

Because I was in the habit of writing 1k words a day (which averages out to 4 pages if you’re curious), when I lost my job due to the economy crash, it wasn’t difficult for me to demand more words of myself every day.

Now I’m a fulltime writer so of course I need to get a much larger word count. Yes, the house needs to be cleaned, the laundry needs doing, the dogs need walking, food needs cooking, time spent with my husband needs spending. All of that needs to be done, but you do all of that with a day job, right? Why make excuses to keep from writing? All of those things will still get done after you’ve allowed yourself time to write. Treat it like a job. If you called in sick every day to any other job, you’d eventually get fired, right? Right.

But how do I get that much written in a day, that’s the other question. I do not sit at my desk and write nonstop until I reach my word goal for the day. If I did, I would never get the numbers I get. Instead I carve out my words in chunks. There are a few different ways to do this, you just gotta figure out what works best for you.

I am very active on Twitter and like to have it open while I’m writing. I use it to report how much I’ve written and tell people I’m writing so if there’s someone else writing at that moment, they know they aren’t alone. It’s good to have a writing community.

When I first started this practice a popular challenge was #1k1hr – which means you’re committing to writing for one straight hour to get 1,000 words. This is cool, but it doesn’t always work for me. One straight hour, never looking away, never giving myself a tiny break, gets to me. Like a cat with a laser pointer, I can’t focus.

I sprint. I write for 15 mins straight, or 20 minutes or 30. I never go longer than 30 without a break. In 15 mins I can write about 400-500 words. In 20 I can write 500-800 words. And in 30 I almost always break the 1k mark and average 900-1300 words. But if you ask me to write for one hour straight I won’t get much more than 1k because I slow down and want to do other things. Or I think, “no pressure, I still have like 38 mins. I’ll get more… oh, look! Pinterest! Hey, what was that song I wanted to know the lyrics to?” It’s too much! Could you run as fast as you could for a whole hour? Do you think by the 40 min mark you’d be running just as fast as you were at the 15 min mark? Probably not. I look at writing the same way.

I sprint, usually with some writer friends, for a short block of time, then look away from the document. I check my email, twitter, stats, whatever. I take a 5-15 min break and then go again. But even if you only take a 5 min break, it will make a huge difference.

Also, when I start a new project, I allow myself a day to figure out the beginnings of a soundtrack and compile at least an hour’s worth of songs on a playlist on Spotify. And I’ll let myself play on Pinterest with a muse-board for the book. I might pin pics of people/celebs that look like my characters for inspiration. Or, if I know what city the book is set in (or at least what kind of city), I’ll pin pictures of locations or structures to refer to later. It all helps in setting the mood. I by no means have to do this to write, but it helps. To this day there are songs that I will always associate with specific characters or scenes within my books, or even one particular song could encapsulate the feeling of a whole book for me and when I hear it, I’m right back in that book in my head.

Some luxuries help. Sometimes the perfect cuppa will help. Sometimes doing my hair and makeup will help. Sometimes changing clothes or staying in my pjs will help. Sometimes I don’t need anything but my outline, my soundtrack, and my desk.

Oh yeah, I started out as a pantser. My first 3.5 books were all pantsed, but when I hit the half mark on book 4, I couldn’t finish it without an outline. Now, I have a much easier time writing if I take the time to write a loose outline for the book. See? There are many factors. But sprinting. It’s all in the sprints for me to get my words done.

That’s my big secret!

Figure out what works for you and do it. It doesn’t matter what you have to do to write, so long as you actually write.

Happy 2014!

So here we are, a new year!

Yesterday I was over at the Spellbound Scribes’ Blog talking about my 2013 resolution and how I did. You can check that post out here.

My resolution was kind of insane really. I came very close to accomplishing the whole thing and even did more on one goal than I planned, but it was probably too much. I’m not going to force that much on myself this year. But I am going to make some resolutions. I’m putting them up on here to keep myself accountable – I don’t know if I would have made as much progress on my 2013 resolutions if I hadn’t put it out into the world to see.

Fun resolution: A Blessings Jar. A lot of you probably know what this is, but for those of you who don’t, this is where you make the effort, throughout the year, to write down the nice, awesome, fun, cool things that happened to you through out the year on little slips of paper and put them into a jar. At the end of the year you empty the jar and read the pieces of paper. It’s so hard to remember all of the nice things that happen through the year because the stressful, sucky, crappy memories are much louder. We find ourselves thinking, “I’ll be glad when this year is over,” even though some awesome things might’ve happened. I’d like to remember those awesome things better.

Should be easy resolution: I’m going to be better at my personal blog. I don’t know how I became the unofficial manager of the Spellbound blog, but I focus on that blog much more than this one. I want to fix that. I’ll be making a better effort to put something up every week, even if it’s only a reblog or a pic, I’m going to do better.

Writing resolutions:

  1. I will complete the second book in the World of Ash trilogy by 4/15 and I will have it published by the end of the year.
  2. I will polish my NaNoWriMo novel and start to query it.
  3. I will write a stand alone Solstice/Christmas story and publish it in November.
  4. I will start working on a new novella trilogy idea (note, idea, not necessarily write and finish) for  my penname.

That’s it as far as writing. I may very well write more, I hope I do, but I’m not going to over-extend myself this year like I did last year. Nope, not gonna happen.

But I think that all looks good. And I feel good about it. So, Happy New Years everyone! What are your resolutions?

The Color Blue

Some days you just feel out of sorts. Kind of off. Like the color blue. Yesterday was one of those days.

There’s no one reason and there are a hundred reasons. I have reasons to be happy, sure, but sometimes that color just sneaks up on you and there’s nothing you can do but bear it.

I woke up in the morning knowing full well that I had written up to the half-way point of chapter 16 in my new work in progress (WIP) but that I had only outlined through the first quarter of chapter 17. What does that mean? That means that there was a very real chance that by the time I finished writing in the morning I would come to the end of that outline and be lost come Wednesday. And I was right.

When I was done writing for the day I had to go workout and then do cardio. I did it even though I was kind of dragging my feet, sighing like a eye-linered teenager. And when I was done I dragged myself back inside and did some cardio. I managed to read one chapter of the book I’m critiquing as well. So, not a bad morning by any means. It wasn’t even lunch time and I’d accomplished a lot. A lot. But I was just kind of deflated.

If it gives you any idea, to get through writing I went from listening to Gold Dust Woman on repeat for an hour to Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums for the next solid hour. With the volume turned way up. If I can’t listen to my soundtrack on random and have to resort to ear-splitting levels of one angry song, things are not going smoothly. Funny enough, I love every word I put to paper today, even if I hated them while I was writing.

Then I made a business call, and was very happy to just leave a voicemail. Extroverts don’t get this quirk of mine. I fucking hate talking on the phone. Hate. It. It’s one of my introvert quirks of mine that gets worse the older I get. I don’t like the anticipation of a phone call, especially if it’s an important one, I don’t like trying to sound calm and cool because I so rarely am and I’m conscious of my “Ums” and “likes” and all that weirdness. I’ll happily talk to a crowd of hundreds but put me on the phone and I hate life. I have no idea why. I just know that I was a happy camper when they stopped charging ten cents a text.

Then my hubs told me that he was done for the day – no more clients. He hugged my blue self and asked if I’d like to do something. Get out of the house. Try to shake it off. Whatever I wanted.

We’ve been watching our pennies because, as they say, “Winter is coming.” And we’ve dealt with the plague going around like so many others. So these two things have kept us cooped up in our tiny house for weeks.

So I put myself together, figuring out what would accessorize nicely with my particular shade of blue and we left. We had a little lunch and then went to see Loki and the Dark Planet. What? Oh, you thought it was called “Thor” and the Dark Planet? Yeah, that’s going around a lot. It’s wrong. It’s the Loki show and WE ALL KNOW IT. SHADDUPYOU.

By the time the movie was over I was feeling a lot better. I even got an idea to make the last scene I wrote in my WIP better, stronger and might help me figure out what’s happening to this character. I even managed to outline the rest of chapter 17 so I have something to work with tomorrow.

Why am I blue? Who knows. I think it’s the book I’m working on right now. I just hurt my main character and I hate when I do that. And I’m in the middle of NaNoWriMo without a complete outline and that sucks.

So why am I telling you all this? Because it’s easy to think that people always have it together online. It’s easy to look and sound upbeat and like everything is just mashed potatoes and gravy. But it’s not, not always. Sometimes the gravy is lumpy and the potatoes are burned. I’m writing my ninth novel right now and it is kicking my ass. I actually looked at my hubs at lunch, sighed and said, “Writing is hard.”

So if things are hard for you, if you’re feeling a particular shade of blue, know that you’re not alone. Even if people seem fine, they might be trying on their own blue coat today. Take a break. Go do something. Get out of your head for a minute and cheer yourself up. Let go of that problem. You deserve a minute.

Will I or Won’t I – Ender’s Game

With the highly anticipated release of Ender’s Game, the internet has been abuzz with talk about this book to movie feature and, more vehemently, about Orson Scott Card.

The big question: Are you gonna see it?

Maybe you don’t know why this is such a big deal. It isn’t just your typical, “I hope they don’t ruin this awesome book,” concern. No, it all comes down to the author and who he is and what he does with his money. If you don’t know, I encourage you to Google, “Why is Orson Scott Card crazy?”

Mostly, I’m pretty liberal about what people do with their own lives. I mean, I’m not down with you telling me what I can and cannot do with my life, money or anything else, so who am I to tell you? But, I will not spend money on someone or something when I know that money will go towards something I wholeheartedly disagree with.

Orson Scot Card is a deplorable person, in my eyes. He actively works towards taking away people’s rights on things that I think everyone should have a right to. I’m sure we’ve only seen the very tip of the crazy iceberg that is OSC.

There are a few arguments about why some people, who, if they had known then what they know now wouldn’t have supported OSC’s career no matter how awesome his writing is, are saying they’re okay with spending money on the movie.

One of the big arguments is they can separate art from artist.  Mandy P., writer and awesome lady that she is, does a fantastic job of outlining this in her post about the same subject. Go check it out. Yes, she makes a very valid point that, as consumers, we more often than not buy things from artists without having any idea what their morals are or where their money goes. This is totally true. But for me, if I find out after the fact that the artist does things I find morally reprehensible, then no, I won’t keep buying. No, I won’t keep recommending. No, I won’t go see the movie based on their work. No, if I find out that their profit, which came from my buying their work, is going towards something I disagree with, no I won’t keep giving them money.

Another argument I’ve heard is, “Well, they already paid the guy, so  my ticket won’t make a difference.” No, maybe not one ticket, but the hundreds of thousands that are probably going to sell because so many people don’t know about OSC, will make a difference. Here’s the thing: OSC didn’t just write Ender’s Game; he wrote a lot of books. So in my mind, I think, “Well, if this movie does well, then the movie companies will be happy to offer him more movie deals with even bigger payouts.” So yeah, they paid him but you don’t know if his contract entitles him to a percentage of the profits or if the profitability of the movie will lead to more movie deals for him.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve never read Ender’s Game. I know, le gasp! But it’s a Sci-Fi book and I am not a Sci-Fi nerd. I’m a Fantasy nerd. I did not read a lot of Sci-Fi growing up, but I do love me a good Sci-Fi flick, so if I hadn’t learned about OSC, and had only seen the previews for Ender’s Game, I probably would’ve gone to see it because it looks cool and there are so many actors I like attached to the movie. But I do know about OSC so I can’t support it. I mean, when we all found out about Chic-fil-a we were all up in arms and refusing to eat their delicious fried foods, why is art different? Yeah, our money was always going towards something we didn’t know about, but once we did we stopped going.

But we all have to make our own decisions and it is not for me to tell you to go or not to go. Make up your own mind, I did and there’s no changing it. I’ll keep my $15 out of OSC’s pocket and go see something with dragons or magic ’cause that’s my bag.

American Horror Story: Coven – Episode One and Rape Culture

American-Horror-Story-Coven-Season-3-Poster-3American Horror Story: Coven premiered last night. It was, mostly, fantastic. I was so excited that they decided to go the witchcraft route. And when I found out that Angela Basset was playing Marie Laveau, I nearly died. And Kathy Bates as Madame LaLaurie? Two historical figures? SHUT UP. So awesome.

Obviously, they’re going to take some liberties with the Craft. Obviously they’re going to upset some people. Obviously. But I like to watch in the same frame of mind as when I watch a movie that was a book. They’re going to mess stuff up, so let it go and try to enjoy the story they’re telling.

But I was so disappointed last night. If you haven’t watched it yet, this is a small spoiler. It happens in the first half of the show, so I’m not ruining everything for you.

I was disappointed because, yet again, a girl was raped in order to progress her story. WHY? GODDAMMIT WHY? Writers, we can do better. A girl does not need to be violated in order to further her plot. This character is a strong-willed female who doesn’t take shit from men in the first place, so what do they do? They degrade her. They show her in a gang rape scene, drugged and unable to defend herself.

And possibly worse than that? There was no fucking warning before the show started. It was done predictably enough, which in of itself is horrible that the buildup to a rape scene can be predictable, so when it’s coming, you could look away or fast forward. But the show opens with a TV-MA rating and warns of L for Language, V for Violence and S for Sexual Situations. I say we need another warning: SV for Sexual Violence.

The episode contained sexual scenes between consenting characters and violence outside of the sex scenes. So there is no reason why we should anticipate a sexual violent scene, except for the fact that it is becoming so damn predictable. Has it come to that? Where we should turn on a show just expecting that a woman is going to be sexually assaulted? I don’t want to do that and I think it’s disgusting that anyone would expect us to.

People say they’re tired of hearing about “Rape Culture.” Well guess what? Shit like this just proves we live in it, every damn day. I’m tired of talking about our Rape Culture too. Too bad it won’t go away so we can actually stop.

The poor neglected blog…

Hello my lovelies!

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog, but if you’ve been around for awhile, you know that radio silence (except for the tweets and sporadic FB posts) means deadline brain for Shauna.

I’ve had a lot of projects going on and they’ve been taking a lot of out me lately. I’m actually juggling about four different projects in four different stages.

You’ll remember that a couple of weeks ago I revealed my super-secret-smexy pen name. With a pen name that means extra writing. So I finished two novellas for that persona last month, editor extraordinaire, Cassie, fixed and polished one and made it publication ready. And it is published, over here (and here and here and here). But her schedule is so full because she is so awesome that novella number two won’t hit her desk until the first of September. In the meantime I’m supposed to be writing novella number 3, and I am, but very slowly.

I realized last month that, since January, I’ve written over 250,000 words. Look at that again, over a quarter of a million words. That is insane. And totally explains why around June-July my brain said, “Nope. You’re done. That’s quite enough for now.” But it’s never enough, not if you’re a full-time writer, trying to live off your writing. And my readers have let me know you and all of them are WAITING. Patiently. But nonetheless WAITING.

So, I started Novella #3, which is the third in the Roxy Quinn novellas since I managed to get six of the Taryn Malloy novellas out and bundled them into two omnibusesElfmoon Trilogy

And the other project I’m working on is the first in a brand-spanking-new trilogy. I have just finished draft number three! Woot! Which means it’s ready for le editor extraordinaire part deux. As I said before, Cassie is so awesome her schedule is slammed, so I am working with a new editor on this project, the equally awesome Lauren.

tumblr_mr9yooy3tv1s2peono1_500Editing, proofing and revising is kind of insane. Usually when you edit, you cut, cut, cut and add a little here and there. But it is a lot of cutting, a lot. But not this book, not this time. This time, with each draft I’ve added more words than I’ve cut. I had planned on this book being around 75k words, instead it is toeing the line at 100k. A huge part of those 250k+ words I mentioned. But hey, we like big books, right? Right.

So, my hubs is beta reading the book right now (and thank gods because he’s caught three, yes, THREE, mistakes so far. And I don’t me typos, I mean errors in the story). And Lauren will rip it apart and help me put it back together. Then, after all that, three amazing writer friends of mine, Nicole, Brian and Leah, will read it and critique it and rip it apart some more and hopefully offer some band aids to fix it. And who knows what the word count will be then.

I wrote this book in the month of Feb, the opening scene was stuck in my head and really wanted out. It’s a genre I’ve tumblr_mqrf5bDI7f1s2peono1_500never written before, I read it and enjoy it, but never tried my hand at it. So this time around we’re dealing with a Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal story with a strong romance subplot (you’re welcome). With a little pressure from my cover artist, I finally came up with a title, which I’m excited to share with you, but not just yet. When I do the cover reveal you will know. Speaking of, I can’t wait to see what Stephanie comes up with. Steph, you’ll remember, did the covers for Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. She is awesomesauce and I am excited.

So, all of that is going on and I’m brainstorming my next novel. I have another novel complete and proofed and already beta read, but I have been trying to shop that with agents and editors. I’ve had a few bites, and some lines are still out there, waiting to be heard from, but nothing too exciting yet. I would love to have both, self-published and traditionally published books out in the world. But I knew the Dystopian/Post-Apoca genre is kinda saturated right now and most agents don’t want any more of those subbed, but I really like this book (I think) so I want it out there for readers, so it’s getting self-published. I’m thinking of a December release. Official date to come. Soon.

But that next book I just mentioned. I want to start outlining it in September, after novella #3 is in Cassie’s hands and I don’t have to think about it anymore. I had an agent reach out to me after the revelation of my pen name and said she was looking for the genre I write under that name. Super excited to hear that, I decided I would try to write a full length erotic novel, but you know me, it’s gotta have some magic in it. So I’m going with Urban Fantasy again and I already know what species the main character will be and what her struggle is. I’m just not sure what her story for this one contained book will be, but I think she has the potential for a strong, long series. Here’s hoping I can do it well and the agent will want it once it’s done!

So in Sept, I start outlining that book to start writing in October. I have a January 1st deadline with Cassie, so that just gives me three months to have it written and proofed. Which means, I’ll probably be doing NaNoWriMo again this year to help me get it done in time.

All that and I have finally succumbed to the desire to cut my hair. I realized I’d had my hair long for three years, after spending two years growing it out, and it hasn’t really changed much in those three years. I’ve always liked changing my hairphoto (24) but I had missed having long hair so I held on to it for a long time. But with working so much I tended to just pull it up into a top knot 5 days out of the week, which isn’t awesome. So two weeks ago I did the first chop, which I really liked the look of, but it was a shoulder-length cut and I’m not a shoulder-length kinda girl. That length always feels like an in-between, like growing out short hair. It’s not the length I’m going to keep it. So that meant calling my stylist again within two weeks for the real chop. And now I’m much happier. Yeah, I already miss the long hair, but that’s okay, I can always grow it out again.

Now. Back to real writing.