Will I or Won’t I – Ender’s Game

With the highly anticipated release of Ender’s Game, the internet has been abuzz with talk about this book to movie feature and, more vehemently, about Orson Scott Card.

The big question: Are you gonna see it?

Maybe you don’t know why this is such a big deal. It isn’t just your typical, “I hope they don’t ruin this awesome book,” concern. No, it all comes down to the author and who he is and what he does with his money. If you don’t know, I encourage you to Google, “Why is Orson Scott Card crazy?”

Mostly, I’m pretty liberal about what people do with their own lives. I mean, I’m not down with you telling me what I can and cannot do with my life, money or anything else, so who am I to tell you? But, I will not spend money on someone or something when I know that money will go towards something I wholeheartedly disagree with.

Orson Scot Card is a deplorable person, in my eyes. He actively works towards taking away people’s rights on things that I think everyone should have a right to. I’m sure we’ve only seen the very tip of the crazy iceberg that is OSC.

There are a few arguments about why some people, who, if they had known then what they know now wouldn’t have supported OSC’s career no matter how awesome his writing is, are saying they’re okay with spending money on the movie.

One of the big arguments is they can separate art from artist.  Mandy P., writer and awesome lady that she is, does a fantastic job of outlining this in her post about the same subject. Go check it out. Yes, she makes a very valid point that, as consumers, we more often than not buy things from artists without having any idea what their morals are or where their money goes. This is totally true. But for me, if I find out after the fact that the artist does things I find morally reprehensible, then no, I won’t keep buying. No, I won’t keep recommending. No, I won’t go see the movie based on their work. No, if I find out that their profit, which came from my buying their work, is going towards something I disagree with, no I won’t keep giving them money.

Another argument I’ve heard is, “Well, they already paid the guy, so  my ticket won’t make a difference.” No, maybe not one ticket, but the hundreds of thousands that are probably going to sell because so many people don’t know about OSC, will make a difference. Here’s the thing: OSC didn’t just write Ender’s Game; he wrote a lot of books. So in my mind, I think, “Well, if this movie does well, then the movie companies will be happy to offer him more movie deals with even bigger payouts.” So yeah, they paid him but you don’t know if his contract entitles him to a percentage of the profits or if the profitability of the movie will lead to more movie deals for him.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve never read Ender’s Game. I know, le gasp! But it’s a Sci-Fi book and I am not a Sci-Fi nerd. I’m a Fantasy nerd. I did not read a lot of Sci-Fi growing up, but I do love me a good Sci-Fi flick, so if I hadn’t learned about OSC, and had only seen the previews for Ender’s Game, I probably would’ve gone to see it because it looks cool and there are so many actors I like attached to the movie. But I do know about OSC so I can’t support it. I mean, when we all found out about Chic-fil-a we were all up in arms and refusing to eat their delicious fried foods, why is art different? Yeah, our money was always going towards something we didn’t know about, but once we did we stopped going.

But we all have to make our own decisions and it is not for me to tell you to go or not to go. Make up your own mind, I did and there’s no changing it. I’ll keep my $15 out of OSC’s pocket and go see something with dragons or magic ’cause that’s my bag.


Hallowe’en Contest and Book Giveaway!

WOA (1)Alright my lovelies! The contest is now open!

Send me your creepiest, funniest, most creative jack-o-lanterns and I will choose five lucky winners to receive an eARC (electronic advance reader copy) of World of Ash one month before the publication date!

You can post a pic on my Facebook page. You can post a link to your pic on my Facebook page or here in the comments. You can instagram a pic and tag  me @dyingechoes. You can even tweet  me a pic of your grinning jack @dyingechoes! Easy peasy people!

The contest runs through Halloween so you have from 10/26 through 10/31 to get your entries in! Any posted on 11/1 or later will not be considered.

Now for the rules! If you enter the contest you are agreeing to read World of Ash by the release week and you will write an honest review of the book and post it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (you can post it elsewhere too of course, but those are the minimum). You must post your review no later than 12/7/13. If you cannot or are not willing to do this, please do not enter the contest. Anyone not following the rules will feel my wrath! It burns us, Precious.

Also, for bloggers: I have a blog tour running through YA Bound where all of you are welcome and encouraged to sign up. 148477_1708773278633_1217118393_1914634_6377389_nYou will of course have the option to read and review the book should you sign up for the tour. I would much prefer my blogger followers/readers to sign up for the tour and allow other readers (who are not bloggers) to participate in this contest.

Winners will be announced on the blog and on Facebook on 11/4. Winners will be asked to provide their preferred ebook format (epub, mobi, pdf) and I will personally email the copies.

It’s pretty simple!  Good luck to all!

Reader Reactions and the Spoilers


So a lot of people are freaking out about the end of the Divergent trilogy. I am a fan of this series, but in the middle of writing a new book and critiquing a massive epic fantasy, and trying to read the last in the Ashes trilogy during the Hallowe’en season, I don’t have time to read Allegiant right now.

But so many enraged readers have plastered the internet with spoilers and, even though I’ve tried not to read any, I do have a vague idea about what upset everyone and I am pissed.

I’m not pissed about what I think happens in the end, I am pissed that readers have taken away others’ chances to read it for themselves without ruining it for them. I agree that readers have a right to be angry if a writer does something they hate, but don’t believe they have the right to post spoilers the very same day the book comes out. Let other people read and react for themselves. Don’t take away all the anticipation and excitement.

So feel free to express your feelings, leave reviews based on how you felt and rate it appropriately, but there is no reason why you have to actually outline the end of a book, especially the last book in a series, in your review. Amazon has this feature where they highlight sentences out of reviews that they recognize reappearing in multiple reviews. This is how I saw the spoiler, yes, even though putting spoilers in reviews on Amazon is a TOS violation, so many came in so fast that the Amazon program highlighted the reviews as “popular.” So freaking bummed that people have taken this away from other fans.

ETA: Now I’m hearing some readers are so upset that they are actually THREATENING the author. Are you freaking kidding me? Do I really have to say that this isn’t okay, guys? You just read a book that made you so emotional, that actually touched you and you pay the author back by threatening her? Fuck that. Not cool.

American Horror Story: Coven – Episode One and Rape Culture

American-Horror-Story-Coven-Season-3-Poster-3American Horror Story: Coven premiered last night. It was, mostly, fantastic. I was so excited that they decided to go the witchcraft route. And when I found out that Angela Basset was playing Marie Laveau, I nearly died. And Kathy Bates as Madame LaLaurie? Two historical figures? SHUT UP. So awesome.

Obviously, they’re going to take some liberties with the Craft. Obviously they’re going to upset some people. Obviously. But I like to watch in the same frame of mind as when I watch a movie that was a book. They’re going to mess stuff up, so let it go and try to enjoy the story they’re telling.

But I was so disappointed last night. If you haven’t watched it yet, this is a small spoiler. It happens in the first half of the show, so I’m not ruining everything for you.

I was disappointed because, yet again, a girl was raped in order to progress her story. WHY? GODDAMMIT WHY? Writers, we can do better. A girl does not need to be violated in order to further her plot. This character is a strong-willed female who doesn’t take shit from men in the first place, so what do they do? They degrade her. They show her in a gang rape scene, drugged and unable to defend herself.

And possibly worse than that? There was no fucking warning before the show started. It was done predictably enough, which in of itself is horrible that the buildup to a rape scene can be predictable, so when it’s coming, you could look away or fast forward. But the show opens with a TV-MA rating and warns of L for Language, V for Violence and S for Sexual Situations. I say we need another warning: SV for Sexual Violence.

The episode contained sexual scenes between consenting characters and violence outside of the sex scenes. So there is no reason why we should anticipate a sexual violent scene, except for the fact that it is becoming so damn predictable. Has it come to that? Where we should turn on a show just expecting that a woman is going to be sexually assaulted? I don’t want to do that and I think it’s disgusting that anyone would expect us to.

People say they’re tired of hearing about “Rape Culture.” Well guess what? Shit like this just proves we live in it, every damn day. I’m tired of talking about our Rape Culture too. Too bad it won’t go away so we can actually stop.