Tarot Card Readings

Tarot October 22 18

I now offer two types of online (through email) tarot card readings.

    1. A One Card Draw for $10. This type of reading is good for some direction or inspiration for simple issues or day-to-day life. I offer this type of reading to all my patrons as a guide for the week ahead–you could use it for that too!
    2. A Spread for $25-50–general or focused on a question/issue (if you sign up as a Patron at the $15 level you’ll get a monthly reading, the discount is because you’d be a re-occurring client/patron). Depending on your question, it may be a simple three card spread, or it may be something more complicated (price will vary based on larger, complicated spreads), but I promise, it’ll be the same amount of effort no matter what.

All you have to do is email me at shaunagranger82@gmail.com with the subject line: Tarot Reading Request and in the body of your email tell me what you’re looking for, either a one card draw* or a full spread** and whether or not your full spread is for a specific question (and what that question is) or if you just want a general reading for how your life is going.

You can make a general reading more specific if you’d like it focused on life, love, work, or the like. Details help and will not influence the reading.

I’ll then shuffle and cut the cards and draw your reading. I’ll take a photograph of the layout (or 1 card draw) and attach it to the email that I send you with your reading.

I can’t wait to hear from you and see what the Fates have in store!

April 6 19b

Fine Print:

Subject to availability. If I am out of town/sick/overbooked at the time of your request, I will reply as soon as I can. It is HIGHLY recommended that you email in advance of when you need your reading to assure my availability or to reserve a spot in my schedule. If I am unavailable at the time of your request, I will reply to schedule your reading.

*Please allow 48-72 hours for a reply–so if you’d like a 1 card draw for “the week ahead” it is recommended that you email no later than Friday night.

**Please allow 72-96 hours for a reply.