Guilty Pleasures

If you’ve been following along, you know I suffer from insomnia. Usually when one of these awesome (read: KILL ME NOW) sleepless spells occur, I lay awake watching crappy TV. The other night, I was awake past midnight, one husband snoring softly and two dogs figuring out how to push us off the bed and steal it for themselves, and scanning through the TV guide.

And a fantastic movie was on: The Day After Tomorrow.


I know. People hate this movie. They call it stupid and question the science and blah blah blah. Whatever. I like that movie. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s Bilbo or learning at what temperature fuel freezes. For whatever reason, if that  movie is on, I will watch. There are other movies like that for me, every single Harry Potter movie. The National Treasure movies (another, I don’t know why), Book of Eli, most Pixar movies. See? Most of that list isn’t bad. Most of that list wouldn’t make anyone embarrassed to admit they’ve watched a thousand times.

But the key word there is “embarrassed.” So, lying in bed, enjoying one of the best worst movies, I started wondering why we’re embarrassed by some things we enjoy. Whether it’s shows, movies, or books. Remember how people used to look down on romance novels? You’re reading along, enjoying a smutty scene and someone asks, “What are you reading?” And you didn’t really want to tell them?

Who cares really? I mean, obviously you’re not the only person enjoying this little escape, otherwise shows like Jersey Shore wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did and Revolution wouldn’t still be on the air.

I mean… I just found out that I wasn’t supposed to enjoy Gravity with Sandra Bullock. Apparently the physics didn’t add up. What the fuck, people? Can’t we just watch a movie or a show and enjoy the story being told? Can’t we suspend our disbelief for a couple of hours and just listen and watch? Why do we have to tear down people for liking stuff that probably couldn’t happen in real life. Hate to say it, but DUH IT ISN’T REAL LIFE. Let me enjoy my damn story.

There are a lot of shows I enjoy that I know some of my more intelligent friends don’t vibe. My two favorite shows right now are Elementary and Grimm. Every week they’re on hiatus, a tiny part of me dies. But I’m not embarrassed to admit I like these shows. Elementary because I love BBC’s Sherlock too and, while I was skeptical in the beginning, I love the gender-swapped Watson. Grimm, because well, it’s awesome. But I don’t really know anyone else who likes that show besides my hubs.

Anyway, I just think it’s silly, that, as adults, we’re embarrassed to admit we like certain shows and movies. Who cares? There are shows and movies your friends like that you don’t, or that you think are stupid or whatever. So it’s okay for you to enjoy the things critics call THE WORST THING EVER. Put on your PJs, cover yourself in cats or dogs (whatever your flavor of crazy), and cue up the DVR and watch with pride.

Let’s stop calling them “Guilty” Pleasures and just enjoy.

Are there shows, movies, or books you’re kind of embarrassed to admit you enjoy? Share it here and revel in your honesty! OWN YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE!


American Horror Story: Coven – Episode One and Rape Culture

American-Horror-Story-Coven-Season-3-Poster-3American Horror Story: Coven premiered last night. It was, mostly, fantastic. I was so excited that they decided to go the witchcraft route. And when I found out that Angela Basset was playing Marie Laveau, I nearly died. And Kathy Bates as Madame LaLaurie? Two historical figures? SHUT UP. So awesome.

Obviously, they’re going to take some liberties with the Craft. Obviously they’re going to upset some people. Obviously. But I like to watch in the same frame of mind as when I watch a movie that was a book. They’re going to mess stuff up, so let it go and try to enjoy the story they’re telling.

But I was so disappointed last night. If you haven’t watched it yet, this is a small spoiler. It happens in the first half of the show, so I’m not ruining everything for you.

I was disappointed because, yet again, a girl was raped in order to progress her story. WHY? GODDAMMIT WHY? Writers, we can do better. A girl does not need to be violated in order to further her plot. This character is a strong-willed female who doesn’t take shit from men in the first place, so what do they do? They degrade her. They show her in a gang rape scene, drugged and unable to defend herself.

And possibly worse than that? There was no fucking warning before the show started. It was done predictably enough, which in of itself is horrible that the buildup to a rape scene can be predictable, so when it’s coming, you could look away or fast forward. But the show opens with a TV-MA rating and warns of L for Language, V for Violence and S for Sexual Situations. I say we need another warning: SV for Sexual Violence.

The episode contained sexual scenes between consenting characters and violence outside of the sex scenes. So there is no reason why we should anticipate a sexual violent scene, except for the fact that it is becoming so damn predictable. Has it come to that? Where we should turn on a show just expecting that a woman is going to be sexually assaulted? I don’t want to do that and I think it’s disgusting that anyone would expect us to.

People say they’re tired of hearing about “Rape Culture.” Well guess what? Shit like this just proves we live in it, every damn day. I’m tired of talking about our Rape Culture too. Too bad it won’t go away so we can actually stop.