Reader Reactions and the Spoilers


So a lot of people are freaking out about the end of the Divergent trilogy. I am a fan of this series, but in the middle of writing a new book and critiquing a massive epic fantasy, and trying to read the last in the Ashes trilogy during the Hallowe’en season, I don’t have time to read Allegiant right now.

But so many enraged readers have plastered the internet with spoilers and, even though I’ve tried not to read any, I do have a vague idea about what upset everyone and I am pissed.

I’m not pissed about what I think happens in the end, I am pissed that readers have taken away others’ chances to read it for themselves without ruining it for them. I agree that readers have a right to be angry if a writer does something they hate, but don’t believe they have the right to post spoilers the very same day the book comes out. Let other people read and react for themselves. Don’t take away all the anticipation and excitement.

So feel free to express your feelings, leave reviews based on how you felt and rate it appropriately, but there is no reason why you have to actually outline the end of a book, especially the last book in a series, in your review. Amazon has this feature where they highlight sentences out of reviews that they recognize reappearing in multiple reviews. This is how I saw the spoiler, yes, even though putting spoilers in reviews on Amazon is a TOS violation, so many came in so fast that the Amazon program highlighted the reviews as “popular.” So freaking bummed that people have taken this away from other fans.

ETA: Now I’m hearing some readers are so upset that they are actually THREATENING the author. Are you freaking kidding me? Do I really have to say that this isn’t okay, guys? You just read a book that made you so emotional, that actually touched you and you pay the author back by threatening her? Fuck that. Not cool.


6 thoughts on “Reader Reactions and the Spoilers

  1. Definitely agree with this. With Amazon, it seems like if you haven’t read the book yet you should just stay away from there. A lot of fans have posted the spoiler in their title, or mentioned it in their review. And don’t get me started on twitter.

    Sadly, that’s usually how it goes when highly anticipated books drop. If no one spoiled it, then that would have been strange.

    • I know. And over the weekend we had the pirate copy flying through cyberspace and Tumblr was flooded with spoilers before the book even came out. It’s just so disappointing and really inconsiderate.

  2. wow, immature much? I do not know of this series, but from what I read it is similar to how I felt about the Hunger Games series. I was quite enraged at how popular this series had become, that it has a social following that is huge… I have read all three books but have not and will not see the movies because of the grim parallels the books draw to how real our own realities can become in a very short while… but did I go all “Let’s scream bloody murder and give away the whole thing on the internet??” No, hell I read them years after they were published (I know, behind the times). People need to get a life, a real one… realize that these are works of fiction meant to entertain and evoke thoughts… not REAL LIFE…

    I really cannot blame Amazon (much) for posting the spoilers because if they got flooded there was only so much they could do… my anger lies with the writers of the reviews and their inconsiderate rants… Grow up people.

    • Yes, it’s very disappointing. I’m okay with readers having strong emotions over books, it’s awesome! But I’m not okay with them leveling threats against the author and ruining the party for everyone else.

      Oh, and I actually didn’t read HG until the third book was almost out, myself. I was disappointed with the last book, as were most people, but no one flipped out like this. Hopefully the fires will die down by the time we can get to it.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I have enjoyed this series so far, but I am still trying to play catch up on reading and won’t get to right now. So, I have been trying to avoid anything that might give it away. It’s becoming hard though. I think it is shame that there are those who are making any type of threats or anything of that nature to the author. Shame on them… I am excited to read it and can’t wait too.

    • I’m excited too. I have a couple of friends who’ve read it and loved it they’ve said it’s heartbreaking, but fantastic. I’m thinking we’re seeing some mob mentality here so I’m looking to cooler heads for reaction.

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