And the Winners Are….!

WOA (1)

Thank you to all my readers who participated in the Hallowe’en Jack-o-Lantern Book giveaway! There were lots of awesome entries, but only five could win. And the winners are…

1. Jamie Hale: Most Creative for her amazing Greenman Pumpkin







2. Jeni Matthews: Creepy but Pretty for her Jason Vorhees pumpkin AND her Wicca inspired pumpkin.








3. Kelly Lynn Harris: Funniest for her, well for that munchkin’s face really.





4. Amanda Weese Rienguette: Scariest for her cannibal pumpkin.







5. Maritza Cruz Whiteman: Prettiest for her Magical Castle Pumpkin.






All the winners have been notified by email. If you didn’t win, don’t worry, the book comes out in just one month and you can get your hands on it too!


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