#BuffyWatch Part Three

Oh yeah, you know what that means. I’m on to season four! And guess what? THE SHOW IS GETTING BETTER!

Faith is gone. Angel is gone. High school is over. I like this a lot better. (Also, Brian, how you thought I would like Faith I have no idea. I have nothing nice to say – she is not a villain that I can root for.)

But anyway, season four is really starting to get some legs for me. Funny how, you take out the Buffy/Angel story line, I like the show so much more.

But! Speaking of that, let’s talk about what the writers did with Buffy and her romances and how awful they’ve been so far.

I know, breathe, just bear with me.

Buffy and Angel are constantly breaking up. Buffy is constantly crying. There were so many episodes in a row where Buffy was just walking around sulking and hating life over this guy. I get it, we’ve all been there, but she’s supposed to be this badass heroine and when they drag these parts out until you kind of hope she loses a battle, they’ve gone too far.

I’m not even kidding when I tell you my husband walked out of the room right before Angel decides to take Joyce’s advice and tell Buffy he’s leaving and then came back ten minutes later when they’re in tears and walking away from each other, and he looked at me and said, “Let me guess: ‘I can’t do this anymore! I love you but I can’t be with you!’” And I just looked at him and said, “You just did that whole ten minutes in ten seconds.” There is a lot of predictability in these first three seasons when it comes to the love stories.

And can we talk about how Angel will lose his soul if he “experiences one moment of true happiness.” THAT HAS BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY. What they mean to say is “if he has an orgasm.” I’m sorry, but if he and Buffy are in love, aren’t they happy? AREN’T THEY? WHY DOESN’T THAT MAKE HIM LOSE HIS SOUL? TELL ME!

So, Angel goes away and Buffy and Willow go to college. And Buffy falls for douchebag Parker after one week of hanging out together. They sleep together, Parker blows her off, and she’s hurt. All fine and good (well not good, but you know what I mean, I’ll buy all this). But then Buffy spends how long fantasizing about Parker falling for her and she won’t let him the fuck go? It is so frustrating. I like a hero/ine with flaws, they should have them, but Buffy has plenty (self-centered, flighty, naïve), this doesn’t have to be one. This was unbelievable, and I mean unrealistic. Someone like Buffy should’ve just wanted to smite the asshole, not daydreamed about him showing up with flowers when she saves his ass.

Anyway, that storyline is over and I have high hopes for the Riley storyline.

I can’t even talk about Oz and Willow right now. When Oz gave in to his animalistic tendencies for that HOEBAG BITCHFACE PIECEOFCRAP VERUCA I nearly broke my television. I just can’t.

Also, I was very disappointed that they killed the character of Sunday in the first episode of season 4. Now she was villain I could’ve lived with for a while. She was like the femme Spike (who I am happy to find is back), they would’ve made a fantastic team. I haz a sad about that.

Season four’s Halloween episode was fantastic. You could see the change in the special effects, shit was actually scary! You know, until the three inch demon materialized, that is.

I wasn’t jazzed about Vampire-Harmony, but after watching the slapfest with Xander and actually laughing out loud about it, I’m willing to give her some time.

So we’ll see. I’ll need some heart-mending over the Willow and Oz story though. Where’s the chocolate?

If you’d like to see how well *cough* Brian is doing, check his latest post here.


8 thoughts on “#BuffyWatch Part Three

  1. It’s so funny how different peoples’ perceptions of the same material can be! I always had a big softie for Buffy and Angel, because to me it was just so high school, and I think the first few season of Buffy are all about unsubtly exploring the miseries and anxieties of high school. The crying and the breaking up and the getting back together again…no, it’s not mature, but for all Buffy’s slayer strength she’s only 17!

    Season 4 really fell flat for me (except for the season finale) and I couldn’t stand Riley. But I’m interested to see how you find it!

    • It is funny – so many people encouraging me to watch have mostly said, “Watch in spite of them.” I know they’re teenagers, but I think when you put Buffy against a character like Willow, who deals with a lot of issues and her own heartbreak but doesn’t just fall apart all the time, it shines a brighter light on Buffy’s shortcomings, you know?

      And I’ve enjoyed Season four better than the rest, so strange! Though I am not a fan of the Initiative – glad that’s already falling apart because it seemed weird and a bit cheesy. I’m nervous about Riley now! Though, now that they’re smoochiefaced Buffy is back to blowing off her friends and/or forgetting to pay any attention to them when Riley shows up. I am not a fan of this trope or girls IRL like this. Probably why Buffy’s romantic story lines bother me so much.

  2. Faith is awesome, you’re cray.

    Seriously though, I thought you would like her because she’s the antithesis of Buffy (at least as I remember) – kicking ass without all the moping and drama Buffy surrounds herself with. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember exactly why she went full villain, but I remember being a more textured and conflicted character than the always valiant Buffy.

    I gotta agree with Lyra, for all the melodrama and loud sobbing, I kinda liked Angel & Buffy together. More than any of her other relationships (which I won’t spoiler). Though Riley… bleh. But yeah, all in all I did like the romantic storylines of the secondary characters more than Buffy’s.


      No, I just found Faith to be over-acted and cheesy. The fake Boston accent. The “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Calling Buffy “B”. It was just a lot of cheese for me. If she could’ve acted like a person, not a cartoon, I probably would’ve liked her. Like, I liked Dru and Sunday, they’re pure evil, but believable as real people. And for me to say Dru is more believable than Faith, I mean… right? And she went bad because she was so reckless, she staked a human and instead of dealing with what she did, she hid it, tried to pin it on Buffy, and got a taste for killing anyone and anything – monster or no.

      See, now I’m worried about the Riley story! He’s still new to me – he just found out the Prof is actually crazy pants and is (I think) going to quit the Initiative, at least, he walked out of the bunker. Maybe it’s after that part that you guys don’t dig him?

      I’m just broken hearted over what Oz has done to Willow and that’s all that matters really. Though Anya is proving to be a hilarious distraction with Xander.

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