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Happy Thursday my loverlies! The week is nearly over, huzzah!

This week has been equal parts awesome and stressful. Awesome and stressful because I started writing my sixteenth novel. Yup. Sixteenth. Mind, I write under this name and under and alter ego, so a couple of those novels are under a different name, but all told, I have a YA series that had five installments, an NA trilogy, an Adult UF series that has four completed books (this one I’m starting is the fifth in that series) and then my alter ego has written four novels.

When I finished writing my fifteenth novel in mid December I was totally spent. I wasn’t burnt out, because I hadn’t overdone it over the course of 2014 but I had still written a vast number of words. I was just happy I’d finished before the holidays so I could actually enjoy them…

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