Books make awesome holiday gifts!

The holidays are coming and shopping for gifts and the stresses of “what they hell do I get these people?” that comes with it.

So I am offering a holiday special! You can ordered signed copies of my books at the lowest price I can offer!

Individual titles are $8 + $2 shipping!

Book covers8


The complete Ash and Ruin Trilogy is $22.50 + $5 shipping!


The complete Elemental Series (extremely limited stock) $37.50 + $8 shipping!

Book covers7

Unfortunately I can only offer individual titles for The Matilda Kavanagh Novels at this time.

Book covers9

So, what you’ll get with your order is the option to have the book(s) signed and personalized for you or your gift recipient, you just tell me who to make it out to. And there’s always a chance you’ll find additional swag hidden inside, you never know!

And! If you’d like me to gift wrap the books for you, I will! There will me an additional $2 charge to cover the cost of paper (per order, not per book, so if you’re ordering 1 book for you and 3 for a friend but want each order gift wrapped it’ll be $2 for the 1 book and $2 for the 3).

Now, due to time constraints I do have to put a deadline for ordering on The Elemental Series books and The Matilda Kavanagh Novels. I do not have a lot of these books in stock and if I need to order them myself, I need time to get them and get them back in the mail for you. So you only have until 12/8/15 to order from those series. If you want any or all of the Ash and Ruin Trilogy you can order as late as 12/15/15, but remember, the longer you wait to order, the higher the risk you run that the mailman might not come in time!

So all you have to do is email me at shaunagranger82 @ gmail dot com with the subject line “Signed Book Order” and in the email tell me which book or books you’d like and who you’d like them made out to and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once that’s paid your order will be processed. It’s that simple!