I am giving Patreon another shot – For realsies this time.

patreon banner

Some of you may or may not remember I attempted to dip my toe in the Patreon pool last year. But it was like joining Twitter for the first time. I had no idea what I was doing or how to make it work for me, so I failed miserably at it and let it die.

Now I’ve replanted the seeds, fed it water, put it in indirect sunlight and am going to nurture it until it grows. Which is to say, I will pay attention to it and actually put up posts and make it a real thing worth supporting.

So, if you’d like some exclusive fiction from me, please consider becoming one of my patrons. If you pledge at the $3 dollar level (or higher, which is awesome), you’ll have access to read patron-only-posts. I’ll be posting various things including short fiction, serialized short stories, you’ll get to see cover reveals first, maybe even first chapters of soon-to-be-published books. Starting this Friday, I’ll post the first segment in a mildly NSFW short story set in the Taryn Malloy/Brimstone War universe from my alter ego, Leila Bryce Sin. It’s a fun, sexy, summer read set in Vegas.

Please be aware this is going to be raw material. It won’t have the polish and shine of going through the editing process that my books do. But maybe that’s not a bad thing? Maybe it’ll be interesting to see something different? For it to feel more personal? Kinda like things are here on the blog. We’ll see.

Not everything I post will be NSWF, mild or otherwise. I’m going to use this space to workout some ideas, feel out new characters, revisit old ones and old universes. So you might be treated to flash fiction or short stories from my previously closed series, like The Elemental Series or the Ash and Ruin Trilogy. Or even side stories from The Matilda Kavanagh Novels.

If you pledge at $10 or higher, I might treat you to extra little things. This is definitely going to be a learning experience for me and I hope you’ll bear with me and stick it out to see how it goes.

Be sure to read through all the levels to see what kind of investment you’d like to make, what kind of rewards you’d like to get. I think I’ve made it fair and worth your while. At least, I hope I have.

But it doesn’t matter if all you pledge is $1, your name will be included in the acknowledgements of every upcoming book I publish, so long as you remain a patron when they come out. Because every dollar counts.

So yeah. Hopefully I don’t disappoint. Hopefully you like it. Hopefully I’m good at this.

Check it out here and sign up to become a patron!